Bring your alumni back together with our exclusive mindfulness-based wellness retreat that caters to the diverse intrigues of everyone in your community. Your one-of-a-kind retreat will feature an array of outdoor adventures, team building activities and mindfulness practices at one of our favorite, hand picked eco-friendly resorts around the world. This retreat will bring a strong sense of community and leave everyone feeling so rejuvenated, they’ll talk about it for years to come!

Reconnect with your community

You’ll spend time rekindling relationships while in nature, making new connections with like-minded people over delicious meals, rejuvenating your adventurous side and relaxing in stillness all while staying in a true oasis.

In addition to the tour operation, there are other opportunities to:

“This was a totally AWESOME experience! Anxiety and
stress melted into peace and tranquility!”

– Barbara Dunn Cherry

With our favorite hand-picked domestic and international resorts, the possibilities are endless

Domestic Locations


International Locations


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful, well thought out, and inspiring weekend. It was such an incredible treat for myself. I’m still holding all the wisdom that you shared in my heart.”

– Stephanie K.

“I have never had a week during which I was so relaxed and simply happy. This retreat truly changed my life. Thank you both for your courage and love! I am forever in your debt!”

– Katie Norton

“This retreat was just what I needed! So nurturing and loving – a wonderful way to connect with others and with myself! Thank you so much!”

– Irina Kogan