You are cordially invited to attend Mindfulness for Golf at Poppy Hills

Join Mindfulness expert Barry Margerum, MBA, and Dodie Mazzuca, former LPGA Tour player and NCAA All-American for this breakthrough golf school to develop the optimum mental presence for golf performance.

This 3-day Program provides you with tools, techniques and practices to be a more present and focused golfer, to merge action and awareness, and to quiet the mind, so you can access your natural and effortless swing. It offers ways to improve your resiliency, mindset and your golf experience. Many of today’s tour professionals use a mental skills coach to improve their performance. This course offers the best mental practices for golf and life.

Training sessions on the golf course reinforce and refine classroom concepts and allow you to identify and focus on the techniques that best work for you. Actual playing time at Poppy Hills allows students to practice and hone their skills for better retention.

Many of today’s tour professionals use a mental skills coach to improve their performance. With this class, you receive the latest, evidence-based neurological and psychological information and approaches necessary to propel your golf game to the next level.

What to expect:

You will learn… How to cope with the mental challenges of playing golf by learning mental training practices to increase your presence and focus to achieve your desired outcomes. Different techniques, approaches and philosophies to access your natural swing and overcoming the variability of golf, as well as methods for establishing habits to improve your performance.

All of this learned…. in a classroom instruction on the neuroscience behind playing your best golf. Mindfulness theory, practices and philosophy for developing the best mental mindset. You will also get out of the golf course practicing drills on the driving range, putting green and chipping area, as well as various meditation practices to increase awareness, concentration, relaxation and resiliency.

I truly enjoyed the Mindfulness for Golf training program facilitated by Barry and Dodie. The integration into the program of the mental, physical and technical aspects of the game along with the combination of classroom, driving range, and on-course instruction was very effective. Barry and Dodie were terrific instructors and I’ve experienced positive results applying the key takeaways from the program.”

– Joe T.

Barry Margerum has been studying and practicing meditation, yoga and mindfulness for over 15 years. As the Chief Strategy Officer of Plantronics Inc., he introduced mindfulness programs to the worldwide associates and executives to improve employee focus, resiliency and performance in business and life. In 2016 he founded Heartrise to offer mindfulness workshops and executive coaching outside of Plantronics, and today is recognized as a pioneer in bringing mindfulness programs to the corporate workplace. He was a TEDx speaker at Santa Clara University on the topic of “Sustaining Happiness through Mindful Living” and is a current member of the 1440 Multiversity faculty where he teaches “Mindfulness for Leaders”.

As an avid amateur golfer, he recognized that mindfulness techniques and practices would be invaluable for improving a golfer’s mental state for better performance and experiences. In 2018, he teamed up with Dodie Mazzuca, a former LPGA Tour player, to develop a highly specialized “Mindfulness for Golfers” curriculum.

Margerum holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Princeton University and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University. Barry resides in Los Gatos, CA and is now improving his golf shots, scores and experience by employing mindfulness practices to his golf game!

About your instructors

Dodie Mazzuca former LPGA Tour player and NCAA All-American (University of Washington) is the winner of 14 professional tournaments and has always been fascinated with human potential.

While playing on tour, Dodie discovered the advantages of yoga and mindfulness training. The more yoga and meditation she did the better she performed in tournaments. Intrigued with this connection, Dodie began studying and teaching yoga, eastern thought and mindfulness.

Following her tour career, Dodie expanded her knowledge of the game through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), founded Golf PROformance, taught for Golf Digest Schools and was the Director of Instruction at Troon Country Club (Scottsdale, AZ).

Dodie currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA. She teaches golf, continues her personal yoga and sutra studies, is an avid Soto Zen practitioner and a life-long student of golf.

“I found the Mindfulness for Golf Program innovative, effective and a foundation for playing better golf and maximizing enjoyment of the game.”

– Ken Woods, Head Professional, Pasatiempo Golf Club

“I’ve been using Mindfulness for Golf to improve my focus, access my swing under pressure and lower my scores in tournaments. It’s a fantastic program for all competitive golfers.”

– Ari Swan, Professional Tour Player

“I was introduced to mental training practices and step by step process for accessing my best golf shots. It has worked for me in improving my golf scores and increasing my joy of the game”

– Dave Mills: Scotts Valley High School Head Coach