Founded by a mom who loves to travel, our mission for this retreat is to create a nurturing environment for you and your little one to reconnect. We understand the obstacles that come along with motherhood, so we designed this retreat for you to recharge into your true essence of feminine power without the hassle of making plans for your children – because you can bring them along! While your children are engaged in nature-based learning, mindfulness practices and social-emotional learning games each day, you can revitalize your energy with yoga, hikes and complete relaxation.

As a mother, you are constantly taking care of others, so during your time here, we will take care of you with well-balanced meals and providing services for exactly what you need. Just as your children will have plenty of time to make friends, you will be surrounded by other adventurous moms just like yourself for some support during your time here.

Come and enjoy this magical retreat to enjoy a sacred time with your child and give yourself the time to recharge you deserve.

Mom & Child Wellness Retreat

For recent graduates to seasoned alumni – a retreat for everyone!

The longer we’re in the workforce, our bodies tend to get tighter, our minds become full of clutter and the increase of stress is through the roof. Whether you have recent graduates or seasoned alumni, our alumni retreat caters to every age group by providing gentle yoga, mindfulness meditation and stress-reduction exercises. 
Gentle yoga can help your seasoned alumni keep their bodies limber, their joints healthy, their spine in alignment and their muscles strong, while your recent graduates indulge in adventuress such as SUP, white water rafting or surf lessons. Both parties can enjoy a luxurious treat of a massage or spa day that most vacationers rave about for years to come!
No matter how recent your alumni has graduated, everyone can benefit from clearing their minds of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Through our mindfulness meditation practices, we can help to boost mental clarity, increase focus, reduce anxiety, and improve overall wellbeing.
But don’t be fooled, adventure is not just for your recent alumni as we have activities for everyone to enjoy! We empower your alumni with health and wellness tools to live fulfilling lives so they can enjoy each other and give back to their communities. We sprinkle in adventurous excursions that offer something for everyone – from gentle, laid back snorkeling, to easy waterfall hikes, to bird watching, to kayaking, to SUP, to white water rafting, to surf lessons and more! 
Your alumni will be thanking you for providing them with this opportunity to deepen their connection with themselves, each other and the beauty of the natural world around them.