There is a power in women coming together to learn, develop, grow and lift each other up in their work and their lives.  Join Leah Weiss, Phd, MSW and Jaclyn Long, MFT, RYT for a week-long professional development retreat for female leaders focused on cultivating mindfulness and compassion in the workplace.

Mindfulness and compassion are powerful tools for enhancing your work and life. You will gain powerful and simple mindfulness tools to:

  • Manage stress
  • Regulate emotions
  • Boost focus, productivity and efficiency
  • Ignite your passion and purpose in your work and life
  • Create a healthier work/life balance
  • Improve communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Improve decision making skills

Leah will empower you with compassionate leadership skills to fuel your career, based on her years of experience as a lecturer at Stanford University Graduate School of Business where she teaches the chronically waitlisted course “Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion.” Through interactive exercises and discussions, you will learn how to bring mindfulness practices and the proven benefits into your work and life.

“Stress and overwhelm is majorly preventing women from doing what they want to do, and being who they want to be in the world,” says Lindsay Gordon, Mind Body Public Health Specialist.

Jaclyn will offer key tools to help manage stress, cultivate self compassion, and regulate emotions, so you can show up as your most productive and effective self as you work. Learn to navigate challenges with increasing grace and ease. Take advantage of Jaclyn’s mindfulness and yoga exercises to calm your nervous system and clear your mind, so you can clarify your purpose and motivations in work and life. Refuel your energy reserves and return home feeling recharged and ready to work towards creating the life you deeply desire.  

Women In Leadership Retreat